We install, repair and upgrade network cabling and wireless networks. We can move network points, install new sockets, upgrade your network cabinet hardware or in the case of a wireless network we can increase your signal range and quality in any location you require. 


We install, service and repair both rack mounted and free standing servers. Issues with freezing, overheating, stalling or crashing?

From simple issues with email's, to virus removal or problems with overheating and sub component level repair are just some of the services we supply.

The internet is a very important tool for any company. From remote access to your office network, advertising through a website, security through IP based security camera's or online / cloud based data backup services. We can offer you full support for email, remote access, web site and security.

Network printing is a common requirement in any office. From workgroup sharing to file server based printing, we can provide all of the services, and can tailor the solution to your business requirements.

To install a proper printing solution does not cost the earth and will pay for itself over time if setup and installed correctly. Talk to us about getting the benefits of fast reliable and cost effective printing for your business today!    

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