Hardware Repairs & Upgrades

We offer hardware support, repairs and upgrades to all makes and models of WinTel PCs, Laptops, Servers and Devices.

tick mark Hard disk replacement and/or uprgade
tick mark SSD installation (Supply & install)
tick mark Memory upgrades
tick mark Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware Cleaning and Support
tick mark DSL Router Configuration & Replacement
tick mark Home Networking Installations & Support
tick mark Printing - Laser and Inkjet Printers (Sales & Support)

tick mark and more .....
The real problem with IT Support and performing upgrades, virus removal, etc. is the level of support that is offered.

At d-PIT, we pride ourselves on offering a professional and reliable service to all our clients.

Virus Removal
The real problem with virus is correctly removing all infections and preventing them coming back without causing any damage to the computer or its data and files etc.


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