Services - Mail Migrations

d-PIT Solutions recognise the need of businesses to migrate from one email solution to another, whether it be from an on-premise solution to a different solution, or to migrate to the Cloud.

We have performed a number of migrations for clients:

IBM Domino to Microsoft Exchange (on premise) Yes, we do this
Microsoft Exchange to IBM Domino (on premise) Yes, we do this
IBM Domino to Office 365 Cloud Solution Yes, we do this
ISP Hosted Mail to Office 365 Yes, we do this


Our consultants will assist you in designed a best-practice environment in your chosen email technology, whether it be IBM Domino, Microsoft Exchange or Office 365.


All of our consultants have experience in implementing complicated messaging environments, both IBM Domino and Microsoft Exchnage. We utilise best practices from the specific vendors to implement all of our solutions.


So, once you have the infrastructure in place, you need to get the user data migrated from the old system to the new solution. d-PIT Consultants have vast experience in performing migrations, and we believe that we can provide you with the necessary skills to complete this process successfully.


And once the design, implementation and migration is complete, we won't just walk away, but we will ensure that the userbase is comfortable with the new solution, and that their data has been migrated successfully.

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