d-PIT Solutions provide virtualisation services to meet business and IT planning goals. 

What are Virtualisation Services?
As more businesses look to their IT departments to do more with less, server virtualisation and employing cloud based services allow them to do just that. Virtualisation services is a broad term that describes the entire scope of a server virtualisation infrastructure migration and system wide rollout.

The definition of virtualisation is the creation of a virtual version of either a server, an operating system, a storage device or network resources.  Virtualisation was first employed by administrators of mainframe computers to reduce the workload on their processing power.  When talking about virtualisation, there are three basic types:
  • Network virtualisation
  • Storage virtualisation
  • Server virtualisation

What are the benefits of virtualisation?
The main benefits of moving to a virtual environment for your data center management can be summed by three main points:
  • Cut Costs
  • Reduce Space
  • Increase Efficiency
Virtualisation Cost Cutting
Cost savings from virtualisation services are realized in the purchasing of hardware in two ways:
  1. Virtualisation services makes your current hardware more efficient
  2. Virtualisation allows you to utilise legacy equipment
A virtual server can run many applications at the same time.  In standard IT environments, this is usually not the case.  In many instances the server setup will have one application per server running.  By taking advantage of server virtualisation hardware efficiencies you can lower your overall hardware outlays as well as see gains in the amount of money you spend maintaining physical servers.

With virtualisation services you can also potentially use your existing or legacy equipment.  You will also notice marked improvement in that equipment’s performance.  Without degrading performance, virtualisation services allow your existing servers and devices to run multiple resources using applications.  For example, with virtual servers in place, you will have the ability to runmultiple Windows applications on virtualized servers.

Equipment Footprint Reduced by Virtualisation
Another benefit of server virtualisation and the cloud computing revolution is the reduction of physical space that is needed to house your equipment.  By its nature, server virtualisation in the cloud allows for a much smaller footprint as virtual cloud servers are not located at your facility. In addition to the cost savings that not having to buy new equipment and decreased dedicated virtual server set up time, you will also save money by reduced utility savings as well.  Virtual server consolidation requires no additional cooling or electricity at your current location.

Virtualisation Services Increase Efficiency
The benefits of virtualisation are most prominently felt in terms of efficiency.  Not just for the machines themselves, but in the time needed to complete the same tasks you are performing now in a non-virtualized environment.  IT managers, data center services managers and IT administrators can accomplish more duties, as virtualisation services allows them to supervise and manage fewer servers through online virtual server consolidation.

Virtualisation Services

d-PIT Solutions consultants have been working with hypervisor products since 2007. The primary virtualisation technologies that are utilised are VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V.

Whether we use VMware or Microsoft virtual server installations, d-PIT’s experience and creative approach to your virtual data center infrastructure ensures that you will always have the best virtualisation services solution.

d-PIT Solutions provide the following virtualization services:
  • Design: The key to a successful virtual environment is a strong design that meets not only your technical needs but takes into consideration your business objectives as well. We ensure your design not only includes the best hypervisor for your business, but assures the correct storage solution as well. From local storage, to network attached storage (NAS), to storage area networks (SAN), we offer a complete design solution.
  • Deployment: Installation and configuration of the virtual environment requires a deep understanding of virtualisation and internetworking, as well as SAN technologies. A properly deployed environment will ensure a stable networking environment.
  • Management: d-PIT Solutions offer a complete solution that includes network monitoring, management, reporting, and remediation of the virtual environment.

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